What's it like to work with me? Below are a few kind words former employers, co-workers and partners have shared along the way.  Click the images on the right to enlarge.



"Kana is a great marketing talent. She has a passion for the consumer that influences everyone around her. She is particularly skilled at leveraging social media and quickly learns new skills when presented with an opportunity. Kana is hard-working and always has a positive attitude. She is a real asset for any team. " 

— Frank Lyman Chief Product Officer, MyEdu

"I worked with Kana for little over 1 yr on HTML5 eBook and Newspaper Reader application. Kana is not only knowledgeable and dependable but also has a great attitude. She is incredibly organized, detail oriented, dedicated. She has shown that she can handle any challenge that comes with managing both large and small scale projects. In addition to her marketing skills, Kana always contributed to the team beyond her day to day work with User Experience help, product ideas, and best practice inputs. She would be an incredible asset to any team. I miss working with her."

— Ashu Rawat Product Manager, ActiveDisclosure 


" I had the pleasure of working for Kana and it was a wonderful experience. Not only does she always have creative ideas, but she can also effectively implement them and see them through, every step of the way. She does this with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, care, and attention to detail. Her energy is contagious. You will be hard-pressed to find a more passionate person -- she is passionate about creating a great product, putting together brilliant marketing strategy, and helping the people around her succeed. Plus, she always does her research to remain on the cutting edge of the industry, and one step ahead. What also stands out to me about Kana is her professionalism. She approaches every meeting, every relationship, etc. with genuine tact and kindness. She is also able to adapt quickly and well to any situation or assignment that comes her away -- which is especially important in such a rapidly evolving industry. If you want to hire a true professional and marketing innovator with a fantastic work ethic and great sense of humor (and trust me, you do), then Kana is far and away the best person for the job."

— Samantha Adams Becker Senior Director Communications, The New Media Consortium